Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 Pickup Diesel 4.5L Manual Transmission Double Cabin 2019 Model Year -BA

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  • Fuel
  • Seats
  • Exterior Colour
  • Interior Color
  • Vehicle Type
  • Doors
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Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Diesel
Seats: 6-seat Vinyl
Interior Color: Grey
Vehicle Type: Pickup
Doors: 4 doors
Drive Type: 4WD
Grade: Mid

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

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Technical Specification 

Body Type                  : LHD Double Cabin Pickup

Doors                          : 4 Door

Axle                             : 4WD

Displacement             : 4.5L

Horsepower               : 286 hp

Transmission             : Manual

Fuel Type                    : Diesel

Seats                           : 6 Seats

Seats Material             : Vinyl

Seat Option                : Manual

Rim Size                      : 225/95R16" Steel Wheels

Spare Wheel               : Deck Mounted

Temp Control             : Manual A/C

Headlamp                   : Halogen

No. of Airbags            : 2 (D+P)

Window Type             : Power

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